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Guidance Throughout Your Journey

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TrueWealth Advising Group Value Proposition

TrueWealth Advising Group is a full-service financial planning firm providing INTEGRATED WEALTH MANAGEMENT to businesses and individuals. We utilize a distinct holistic approach to help build, protect and distribute your assets. Our top-level professionals assist in optimizing your financial position through innovative tax management, retirement and estate planning strategies, account distribution and transfer of wealth.  

Our advisors offer a variety of cutting-edge financial and insurance strategies including numerous Investment Platforms, Annuities, IRA’s, Life and Disability Insurance, Long-Term Care Options and Charitable Giving Opportunities.

Our reputation of offering our valued clients “Guidance Throughout Your Journey” has set us apart in our industry. We strive to keep our clients focused on their financial futures, help them to set realistic yet optimistic goals and encourage them to remain disciplined in their financial decisions.

Accumulation, Distribution, Legacy – Are YOU examining all phases of your journey? Contact us today to set up a complimentary financial review.

            The Importance of Having a Trusted Financial Adviser

BP plans to lay off nearly 10,000 workers globally by the end of the year in response to the oil crash and economic fallout from the Coronavirus pandemic. The oil industry is not alone is its upheaval, and the consequences surrounding these types of decisions are life changing.  Many friends and neighbors throughout Northwest Indiana have been and will be affected by job loss. Many are uncertain and anxious about their financial futures

Those individuals who have a trusted financial adviser will rely on them in times like these and have meaningful discussions with them about savings, investments, education planning and most importantly RETIREMENT.  The same burning question crosses almost everyone’s mind. “Will we have enough income in retirement to survive and /or maintain the lifestyle we desire?”

At this moment in time, the stakes Americans have in securing their financial futures have never been higher. The extra financial responsibility the average American is being asked to shoulder is enormous and does not come with an instruction manual.  Most Americans will readily admit that they are not financial experts.

A holistic, professional financial adviser can help to navigate these complexities.  People who routinely work with a financial adviser have greater success in adhering to their financial plans and avoiding the pitfalls that cause many individuals to make poor financial choices. 

TrueWealth Advising Group’s advisory team has over 15 years of experience with BP employees and their families. Our knowledge of BP’s benefit plan is a distinct advantage and our advisers are ready and able to assist you in sorting through complex financial decisions and retirement strategies.  Our specific services include but are not limited to:

1) Financial Planning

2)  Pension Selection

3)  Asset Allocation 

4)  Investment Selection 

5)  Systematic Rebalancing

6)  Tax Management Strategies. 

We are here to help.  Please contact us today to schedule a complimentary introductory meeting with one of our advisers.