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Business Planning

A Team Approach to Business Planning 

Your business is likely your greatest asset.  The TrueWealth Advising Group team can help to protect and advance your business by equipping you with knowledge and power through an innovative and sustainable financial planning process.  Our team has the proficiency as well as the resources to assist you in creating and implementing a comprehensive financial plan.  We believe in a team approach to planning which includes input from your trusted professionals (CPAs and Attorneys) or our trusted professional partners.  Accountants and attorneys contribute to the planning process by providing a unique and valuable perspective from their corresponding areas of expertise. 

Business Valuations by Biz Equity – Discover the Value of Your Greatest Asset

Preparing for the future is as much about identifying market trends and understanding your customer base as it is about knowing where you’ve been. Healthy growth requires experience and a fundamental understanding of the nuances of your business. It’s your baby, after all, and is a reflection of your drive, passion and planning. You hope that each year, the business increases in value so that when it’s time to retire, your nest egg is secure. So then, what’s your business worth?

TrueWealth Advising Group has invested in technology to help ensure our business owner clients possess the facts needed to make sound business planning decisions. The innovative technology powered by Biz Equity harnesses the power of big data to deliver accurate and efficient business valuations.  The tool is secure, easy to use and backed by a sophisticated engine that has been utilized and trusted by millions of business owners worldwide.


Strategies for Business Owners

Risk Management

Business Insurance is necessary to protect the business owner and shareholders from economic loss.  Insurance products can also be a vital component of your strategic financial planning. Life Insurance for owners & key employees

  • Key Person Insurance
  • Golden Handcuff Strategies (rewarding & retaining faithful employees)
  • Disposition of a Business Owner’s interest due to death or separation from the business
  • Funding of entity buy/sell agreements
  • Disability Insurance

Employee and Executive Benefits

  • Business Succession Planning
  • Financial Statement Review
  • Qualified Plans (a valued benefit to employers and their employees due to the tax status conferred on these plans)
  • Executive Bonus Plans (tax advantaged strategies that allow you to contribute towards a secure retirement)
  • Split Dollar Plan (opportunity for 2 parties to share in the costs and benefits of a permanent life insurance policy)
  • Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Plans